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Free 30-Minute Telephone Consultation

The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has a proven, high rate of success but it is not a ‘quick fix’ and neither is it necessarily appropriate for everyone.

For these reasons the first step towards a treatment programme with ICASA is through a free telephone consultation with David Brown, Founder and Principal of The School of ICASA.

This consultation may last for up to thirty minutes. It provides an opportunity, in strictest confidence and without obligation, to discuss your intimate, sexual or relationship problems with the U.K.'s most experienced and expert specialist in this field and to further explore the suitability of the ICASA programme.

As a result of this telephone consultation, a more informed decision can be made as to whether, and why, the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme could be appropriate in your particular case.

All aspects of the consultation are completely confidential and there is no further obligation to decide or commit to any further consultations or treatment.


The ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme

can transform your life

Self Confidence and Success

Many men and women today fail to achieve their aims and ambitions in life, not because of a lack of ability, but because they suffer from low self confidence and a poor self-image.

If you are one of these people, there is hope; you can be trained to develop the self-esteem and inner confidence that is sleeping within you.

Personal Magnetism

If you want to attract a partner of your choice, what you need is more personal magnetism. This most wonderful and mysterious power appears to be possessed by only certain individuals who are able to attract and influence others. The truth is, everyone has a certain degree of personal magnetism, which can be increased and strengthened with the right amount of knowledge and practice.

Fear of Intimacy

The years spent in isolation taunt the single man. He dreads hearing the term ‘virgin’, knowing it to be not only descriptive of his state but one that condemns him to a life sentence in loneliness. He regards himself as fundamentally flawed; there must be something wrong with him. Even if he did meet someone with whom he could begin an intimate relationship, surely she would expect him to know what to do in bed?

Erection Problems

Over the past twenty years at The School of ICASA in the U.K., over a thousand men have been successfully treated through Surrogate Partner Therapy. Many of these have arrived at ICASA suffering from chronic and complicated erectile dysfunction and after having tried most, or all other methods of medical interventions with no success.

Premature Ejaculation

The most effective way to permanently overcome the effects of premature ejaculation is through positive direct experience with a supportive intimate partner. But what about the single man who is caught in a “catch-22” situation?

There is a cure for premature ejaculation that doesn’t involve medications and can break the vicious negative cycle caused by devastating loss of confidence. This form of treatment has been successful for hundreds of single men in the UK over the past twenty years, it is called Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy.

Inhibited Ejaculation

There are two contrasting male orgasmic dysfunctions. The most common of these ejaculatory control dysfunctions is premature ejaculation but, for many men and equally distressing, is the condition of inhibited ejaculation.

Although inhibited ejaculation is the least well documented of male sexual dysfunctions, it can be successfully treated through The ICASA Surrogate Partner Therapy Programme

Unwanted Pornography, Masturbation or Fetish Obsessions

People who are attached to porn, experience difficulties in personal relationships; they tend to isolate themselves from friends and even their family. Excessive use of porn may also lead to sexual dysfunctions.

What is required is to connect with a more authentic and higher experience of intimacy-based sexual experience, reducing the appetite for impersonal sex and transforming the energy in the body and raising the level of consciousness.

Relationship Rescue

There is a science to mastering intimate relationships. Most people enter into a relationship unscientifically, and when things start to go wrong, they have little or no clue how to put it right.

The ICASA Relationship Rescue Programme focuses upon the restoration of intimacy and sexual aspect of the relationship. The programme is practical and experiential, with very high success rates. David and Lucia Brown personally facilitate the ICASA programme together, ensuring balanced perspective for both partners in the relationship.
is a science to mastering intimate relationships. Most people enter into a relationship unscientifically, and when things start to go wrong, they have little or no clue how to put it right.

"I now feel fully equipped to deal with the outside world and it certainly feels a lot less scary than it used to. It’s quite amazing, how just changing the way you think, affects the person you are."

"‘I’ve been meaning to contact you for absolutely ages now to update you on how things have been going, so first of all please accept my sincere apologies for the wait! I was keen to let you know that my relationship has gone from strength to strength since I saw you last and indeed we got engaged last week!

Needless to say none of this would’ve been possible without the help of ICASA and I really can’t thank you enough for your help and support (and patience)! The programme has clearly been a great success for me, and it’s hard for me to believe now how different things were for me just a couple of years ago. So I hope my story can help to reinforce your convictions in the value of the therapy you provide!"


The School of ICASA specialises in the treatment of psychogenic sex and intimacy problems by helping men and women overcome sexual dysfunctions, discover sexual healing and confidence in intimacy through the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme. Now after more than twenty years in therapeutic practice, the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme has enabled almost fifteen hundred men and women to enjoy full, satisfying intimate and sexual relationships.

The School of Intimacy, Consciousness And Self-Awareness is based in Bedfordshire, England; ICASA is an acronym for Intimacy, Consciousness And Self-Awareness.

The work of The School aims to help individual men, women and couples to strengthen their self-esteem, self-belief and personal confidence in order to enable them to overcome fear of intimacy, sexual problems, dysfunctions and the effects of sexual trauma.

Develop Sexual Confidence and Overcome Performance Anxieties


Fear of Intimacy

Unwanted Mid or Late-Life Virginity

Erection Problems   

Premature Ejaculation 

Inhibited Ejaculation

Sexless Relationships

Orgasmic Dysfunctions

Painful Sex

Sex and Ageing

Sex After Surgery

Pornography or Masturbation Obsessions

Unwanted Fetishism 


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