10 Powerful Steps You Can Take to Overcome Performance Anxiety, Fear of Intimacy and Sexual Problems

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Meet David Brown


When you learn how to change the way you think about sex, your relationships, and happiness your whole life will be transformed.

The ICASA Ten-Step Sexual Recovery Programme is a step-by-step process of sexual healing and transformation tried, tested and proven by over a thousand satisfied male and female clients over the past twenty years.

Whether you, or your partner, suffers from erectile dysfunction, premature or inhibited ejaculation.

Whether you are a woman who has problems with your orgasm, or even painful sex.

Whether you are a man or a woman who is afraid of intimacy and, as a result, has never had a satisfying intimate relationship.

Just imagine if you:

  • Woke up everyday feeling optimistic and excited about your life, and the day ahead.
  • Started each day free from the dark cloud that has hung over you.
  • Looked forward to the prospect of going out on a date, or to enjoy yourself socially with friends.
  • Felt good about yourself, how sexy and powerful you really are when you look in a mirror.
  • Were living a happy and joyful life.

Try to really feel what that would be like…
Is that really what you want?

David Brown M.Msc • Sex Educator, Metaphysical Psychologist, Interfaith Minister and Founder of The School ICASA